Bonnie Camplin – Heavy Epic (12″, 2005)

July 22, 2008

Bonnie Camplin is a musician, artist, dj and club organiser from London. Featuring previously on Dec 01, ‘Nova Popularna’ as a member of donAteller, Decemberism are proud to present this, her first solo LP. It’s a collection of electronic compositions, working with samples and simple programmes. She deconstructs optimistic, familiar music, and remodels it with a sleeker and more autonomous soul. It includes the monumentally melancholy reworking of Polish Discopolo, ‘Polanda Heavy Epic’, and pieces spanning subjects such as death, normality and mututally assured destruction.

Side One:

A1 Polanda Heavy Epic

A Polish friend of mine, Paulina sent me a cd of Polish Disco music. It was pure high-octane trebly hysteria. I took it to a more melancholy, heavy and epic state more akin to my idea of the soul of Poland. I had never been there and knew nothing about the place but I had seen Polish women shaking tragedy loose to their disco music in Nu Poqodi, the Russian Pub on Kingsland Road.

Side Two:

B1 Pearl and the Hanging Judge

You’re alone in a bar
you turn around and catch yourself, you’re older than
you remember
you’re name is Pearl
there’s a man over there
he’s dancing like a demon Pearl and Pearl you know he
wants you
but you just don’t know what for.

More jiggery-pokery, more skulduggery
Pearl’s a singer in a nightclub and she’s painted up and
standing up and humming to herself
just turn around and turn around and turn around and
turn around
another cigarette and another Gin and Tonic and
turn around to face
The Hanging Judge

A homage to a song The Hanging Judge by Paul Roland / Danse Macabre. I was trying to reconstruct the song from memory as I had lost my copy many years ago and could never find it again. The underlying riff was from The Troggs’ With a Girl Like You. Then i blended Elke Brookes’ Pearl’s a Singer with Kenny Rogers’ Ruby to provide the backing vocals and I made up some new words as foreboding as the original.

B2 Perswayze

I always use Cool Edit Pro and Fruityloops to make things with. Perswayze is a little thing constructed purely out of preset samples that came with the software.

B3 The Normal Food

I am sane
sanity is my bussiness
business is good

In my fridge I got
Daddies Sauce
Cheddar Cheese
Heinz Baked Beans
(the normal food the normal food the normal food)

On TV i saw the end of a documentary about a teenage girl who was a serial killer. It showed a page from her diary. It said “I am a killer. Killing is my business. Business is goo”. At the time I happened to feel that i might be losing touch with reality and I though that if I were to write similar self affirming lines they might say “I am sane etc”. (How do i know this? Because I have name brand products in my fridge as opposed to severed limbs.)

B4 Get Me a Mirror
A blend of extracts from two seperate sources. The first is a British film made in the eighties called The Naked Cell about a woman imprisoned for being too sexual. The second is from HM Government’s recently released audio casette What to do in an Emergency which is a fluffy version of Protect and Survive from the days of Mutually Assured Destruction.

B5 Steel Penis
A friend of mine, Mark asked me to do a remix of a track for a project he was working on but I said no because I thought the track was rubbish. Such a stupid reason not to actually because when he offered me £200 and I was broke and also thought I was being silly anyway I only used the material of the original track and made it into something that I really love just by turning it upside down and inside out and completely remodeling it.

Download here and/or, as i would highly recommend, buy the record in one of the shops i’ve listed on your right.


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