Various Artists – Nova Popularna (LP, 2004)

July 22, 2008

Various Artists
Nova Popularna LP
In May 2003, artists Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska created Nova Popularna, a temporary illegal speakeasy/artist salon in Warsaw, Poland, where they held a series of concerts and events each week.
This record is a document of that experience; it is a compilation of the bands that played there, and at the same time offers some visual artifacts in its cover art. The two women had designed the space’s interior, and the entire bar is recreated in the pop-up miniature bar that opens from the record’s gatefold sleeve (below). The music ranges from electro to prepared piano to cabaret vocals. Bands include: Donateller, Marcel Dutka, Mathilde Rosier, Bianca Glazebrook.

White Side

The March Of The White Barbarians / Why?

8.21 Written and produced by Donateller.
Bonnie Camplin / Ed Laliq / Mark Leckey

Biance Glazebrook
My Heart Belongs To Me

2.14 Written by Alan Gordan, produced by Pawel Jankowski.
Piano by Pawel Jankowski.

Mathilde Rosier
Concerto Pour Deux Pianos En Deux Temps

8.37 Written and produced by Mathilde Rosier.
From the original 25 minute performance. May 15, 2003.

Black Side

How Ever

4.26 Written and produced by Nightshift
Marcel Hüppauff / Markus Selg.
Nightshift appear courtesy of PARFÜM.

Marcin Dutka
Improwizacje na Pianino Preparowane /
Improvisation on a Preparated Piano.

12.26 Written and produced by Marcin Dutka.
From the original 50 minute performance. May 24, 2003.

Biance Glazebrook
In A Simple Way I Love You

1.48 Written by Nancy Ford, produced by Pawel Jankowski.
Piano by Pawel Jankowski.

Download here and/or, as i would highly recommend, buy the record in one of the shops i’ve listed on your right.


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